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[Funny Story] A Midnight Call To Mtn Customer Service


Akpors is calling customer care at 1a.m.

After 30mins of advert, finally he comes on line.

Customer care: Hello! This is Kingsley from MTN customer care.How can I help u?

Akpors: God punish u.

Customer care: Sorry sir,but that’s not polite! What’s the problem?

Akpors: Na me u de ask? Check your time wetin de nack

Customer care: Sir it’s 1:30a.m.

Akpors: So why u no dey sleep u be winch?

Customer care: No sir am not a wizard.

Akpors: Den wetin u be others neva sleep finish?

Customer care: Sir please go straight to the reason why u called

Akpors: Ok. I get #99 for my phone,abeg transfer me #1 naira make I take make midnight call.

Customer care: hahahahaha we two now who come be winch?

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