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[Funny Story] Read How Akpos Covered Up His Shame.


Akpos sits next to a girl on a table in a hotel

Akpos: hello madam?
Lady: what is it?

Akpos: sorry madam , just wanted to ask what the time is on your watch?

Lady: ehee …now you think my watch is used as a public clock huh? Go away and stop wasting my time

Akpos: but madam

Lady: shut up!!!
(And Every One Stared at akpos, To Cover his shame, He takes out his Boss’ Apple phone and makes a Fake call)
Akpos: hello John I just settled from Washington D.C can you please tell me what time it is right now so that I set my clock to the local time since it still reads American time? *she listens*
Ok, thank you and today don’t forget to come for the galaxy tablet that you requested * she listens*
Since my girl is still in America bring me a beautiful girl to spend my money with tonight Ok bye

Lady: sir the time is ….

Akpors: shut up !!!!!

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