What We Do?

AllComedySkits.Com is a broad platform providing all forms of comedy skits, Riddles, brainteasers, Jokes, Funny Stories, Cartoons Etc, ranging from animal to man, both home and away .
We have specailize ourselves in the online promotional aspect of upcoming skits & already existed skits. We have established ourselves within the online community, in order to offer upcoming comedians, skits actors a chance to let the world know of them.

Our Services & Offer

  • ♦ We feature your skits on our site.(Currently getting thousands of impressions worldwide monthly, and growing)


  • ♦ We create your own category on our site, like the ‘Ay Skits’ ‘Bovi Skits’ Etc as seen above. (Premium)


  • ♦ We distribute your skits to other sites & our social networks.

★All The Above Services And Offers We Render, Are Absolutely FREE.

Do You Need Any Of The Above Services?


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